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Jorge Antonio Guerrero finally gets his visa. The actor who plays Fermín in the film Roma was granted his visa after three attempts.

Jorge Antonio Guerrero finally gets his visa. The actor who plays Fermín in the film Rome His visa was granted to attend the Oscars after three attempts.

The Mexican actor had tried to get his visa on three different occasions, but the answer was always negative. The first time he could not get his tourist visa. The second did not give the tourist either thinking he would go to work illegally. The third time was to attend the Golden Globes awards and although it brought a letter from the producer (Netflix) the authorities refused.

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During an interview with the Mexican magazine Who the actor mentioned that the third time was the most memorable. "It seemed that there was even anger on the part of the young lady who interviewed me." Despite all the actor says that he never felt like a victim of discrimination.

It was until the fourth tried that he managed to obtain his visa, and unlike The Golden Globes the actor has no excuse for not attending the Oscars.

Rome achieved 10 nominations for the Oscars this year, among these nominations is Best Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography.

Guerrero jumped to fame last year when he played the "Cadete Tello" in the series of Luis Miguel de Netflix. In which he has the responsibility to help the protagonist with his iconic music video "The unconditional"

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