Jorge Aravena asks that Nacho Casano’s salvation option be invalidated due to a plot in La Casa de los Famosos

Jorge Aravena participated in the first season of The House of the Famous. For this reason, he claims to know the rules of the game, as well as what the contract that is signed to participate in the reality consists of. For this reason, he assures that Nacho Casano and his companions in the blue room are falling into a plot and asks the production and the boss to annul the option of salvation.

The Argentine actor and model wants to save Osvaldo Ríos, because the Puerto Rican asked him to do so, even though he could have asked him to return the favor to Ivonne Montero, who saved him when she was the leader of the week in The House of the Famous.

But here is Jorge Aravena’s shocking statement: “Here watching La Casa de los Famosos for a while, what they are doing is “COMPLOT”,” says the actor of Peruvian origin.

“Salvation is also supposed to be a personal decision and not a group one. Clearly here they are agreeing among all who Nacho is going to save. What Osvaldo is is scared and even begged him crying (hahahahaha) to save him.

He continues: “I think the boss (production) should prohibit Nacho from saving Osvaldo for this plot, It is time that the rules of the game are respected, and even more so, that the contract that is signed when accepting to enter the show is respected, (something that several have not done in both seasons). If these things continue to happen, the show will lose credibility with the public, something that I particularly would not like. Hopefully @telemundo, @telemundorealities and/or @endemolshinebd (to whom it may concern) take the necessary and correct measures in this regard so that the program is more interesting each season, and whoever fails (whether production or participant) pays the consequences.

But Jorge Aravena’s statement does not end there, the actor adds more to his comment and says: “In this season, in my point of view, there are only two people who are “medium” honest, only half ok, not completely. And also, this is not about making those who need it most win, here what is being seen is the personality of each person, whether or not they have money, because the person who is the most needy (or who wants to make believe to the public) It may be the worst of all, in my opinion. The only thing that should be taken into account is the “PERSONALITY” not the “supposed” need as many say they have it. That said, it is not known exactly to whom the actor is referring to with two “almost honest” people or with a “needy person.”

He tried to conclude his message with this: “The last comment to finish, I have never seen so much falsehood and hypocrisy together. It amazes me what human beings can do (some ok) for $200 thousand dollars. All this is just my point of view ok, and everyone has their own and is very respectable. I send them honest and sincere kisses and hugs, not like the ones they give each other in LCDLF 2.”

In an extra message, Jorge Aravena added: “Oh, and another thing that I can’t understand what they do, from the beginning two groups were made, the fourth blue and the purple, Could it be that they haven’t realized, or haven’t they been told that this is not a group competition (if you can call it that)? ANDIs it something personal, or is it that later they are going to help each other so that another partner in the same room wins and not him or her? Then they will also want to kill those in the same group, if there was a first, second and third prize it would be logical to do it that way, but no, there is only one prize, and that is for a single person, not for a group.

Many agree with the Peruvian actor, and say that this Nacho has been the most brazen plot of all. But, Aravena has not left it like that. He, demonstrating to the public of him who reads his messages, answered about the opinion that has been generated around him due to his statement:

“I am reading your comments, and I clarify that I am not in favor of any team. Everyone who fails, whoever they are, must be punished. Also, for me, it is very difficult to have one or a favorite or favorite this season. Every time I go to see I find new surprises, and whoever thought he was honest, I realize that he is not so. How difficult it is to go for someone here. “LET THE BOSS PUNISH ALL THE PLOTS” whoever it. And dishonesty, falsehood and hypocrisy, that the public punish with their votes. We have already seen that they are respected, it was clearly demonstrated last week”, he said the latter in reference to the departure of Niurka Marcos, eliminated by the public.

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