Jorge Flores proposes that the Ethics Commission cannot sanction cases that are being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office

Congressman Jorge Flores (Popular Action), presented a bill that proposes that the Parliamentary Ethics Commission cannot sanction cases that are the subject of investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Through the modification of article 9 of the Code of Parliamentary Ethics, the legislative initiative seeks to declare inadmissible the cases that are under investigation by the Public Ministry, unless the parliamentarian himself admits that he violated legislative ethics.

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Thus, Flores Ancachi maintains that his bill seeks that “there is no interference” in the judicial jurisdiction and protect the right to the presumption of innocence.

It should be noted that Flores Anachi is one of the parliamentarians linked to the “Los Niños” case, a group of action-populist parliamentarians, who allegedly colluded with the former president, Pedro Castillo, to ensure their permanence in the Government in exchange for positions for their relatives and works.