Jorge Fons died, a beacon of Mexican cinema went out

There is no doubt, we live unlikely days. This Wednesday night, along with another earthquake, a large part of the country learned of the death of film director Jorge Fons, one of the pillars of Mexican cinematography, maker of emblematic films in his adverse time, provider of a memory that must not be forgotten, alchemist of tapes that one day provoked, bothered, and later will be canned in the most persevering memory, such as “El alley of miracles” (1995), “Rojo dawn” (1989) and “Los albañiles ” (1976).

This was announced with regret by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) this Thursday morning, the same one of which Fons, deceased at 83, was an honorary member and which gave him several Ariel awards, direct and indirect, two for Best Film, for “Rojo Dawn” and “El Callejón de los Milagros”, and three for Best Direction, for the collective film “Tú, yo, Nosotros” (1970) and the two previously mentioned, as well as Ariel for Gold in 2011 in recognition of his Professional Career.

“Fons left us. AMACC embraces his family and the community for this loss. Director of emblematic films such as Red Dawn and The Alley of Miracles, Fons led the renewal of the AMACC. Emeritus member of the same and Gold Ariel 2011. We will miss you, Jorge”, announced the Academy.

From this news the most outstanding institutions and names of our cinematography turned.

“Jorge Fons proposed us a rupture, critical and social cinema, which is now more necessary than ever (…) Thank you for your legacy, Jorge, for teaching us forms of resistance”, dedicated the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine).

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‘”Cinema is not made for you to think inside the room, it is made for you to see life and be moved, and then you will start thinking,’ Jorge Fons once told us. This phrase will continue to resonate with us. Goodbye, master.” This was published by the Ingmar Bergman Chair in Theater and Cinema, from UNAM.

“Forever, talented, generous, enormous Jorge Fons. I will always miss you”, declared Leticia Huijara, current president of the AMACC.

Also the director of the Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), Lucina Jiménez, was hurt by the loss: “My dear friend, Jorge Fons. You walked the path where the great walk. A great sadness your departure. In you I found a generous and committed being. A company in the complicity of many battles. Last night I heard your voice in that message full of mutual nostalgia.

The director’s honors, although with a handful of films, many invaluable, was also decorated internationally with the Special Jury Prize for Best Director at the 1977 Berlinale, for “Los albañiles”, an adaptation of the novel by Vicente Leñero , as well as the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian International Festival in 1990, for “Rojo Dawn”, which, by the way, that same year won 11 Ariel.

The UNAM Cultural Dissemination Coordination highlighted that Fons was a graduate of the first generation of the then University Center for Cinematographic Studies (CUEC), now the National School of Cinematographic Arts (ENAC).

And the actress Dolores Heredia, former president of the AMACC, published some verses by the Iranian poet and director Forough Farrokhzad:

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“I come from the trees / I can’t stand breathing stagnant air / A bird that died gave me advice: always keep flight in mind. (…) Fly high, great and dear Jorge Fons. I cry. And I tremble.”