Jorge Jesus reveals what led him to leave Flamengo and shoots: «Otherwise I would never have left» – Brazil

Portuguese coach left the command of mengão in July 2020

Jorge Jesus revealed, in an interview with Spor TV, from Brazil, on the program ‘Bem, Amigos’, that the pandemic was the main reason that led him to leave Flamengo in July 2020. “It was at the time of the pandemic. to Portugal, I had a vacation, I came back, and the pandemic continued. It was all unknown, no one knew what Covid-19 was. I was alone at home and the driver, who was from Flamengo, went to buy the food, rang the bell, left the food and went away”, explained Jesus, stressing that he felt alone during the period in question. “We couldn’t have contact. And that was for many days, I started to think about my children. The main problem was that, otherwise I would never have left Flamengo”, he concluded.

The Portuguese coach, who has not yet joined any club since leaving Benfica in December 2021, also recalled, to the same source, that he even rejected a invitation to coach Evertonand stressed that a proposal to train the Brazilian team would be “irrefutable”.

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