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To the still Minister of Health, Jorge Lopezit did not seem irregular to him to send his workers to make cash deposits to his ex-partner, who later bought an apartment in Jesús María, nor did it seem irregular that his company Jalp Digital Image contracted with the State while he was a public official.

The services provided by his company –dedicated to the “reading of tomographies, resonances and X-ray plates”, as well as the “maintenance of biomedical equipment” and the import and export of the same, according to Sunarp– were evidenced in the portal of suppliers of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

According to the records, Jalp contracted with the Daniel Alcides Carrión Hospital for S/34,000. That is, with the institution that López directed until March of this year and that depends on the Regional Government of Junín, which is in the hands of Peru Libre.

(Fuente: MEF)

Although it is not specified in what month or what the company’s service consisted of, the surgeon always served as a public servant throughout this year.

In addition to director of the hospital, in March he became deputy minister of Health. And in April he became head of the sector, a position he holds until today despite the fact that President Pedro Castillo announced on Sunday – via Twitter – that he was losing confidence after the scandal of the almost S / 100 thousand that he handled in cash.

In September 2020, Jalp Digital Image contracted with the aforementioned hospital for S / 34,000 in exchange for the rental of X-ray equipment, according to the OSCE.

Jalp Imagen Digital is prevented from contracting with the State, according to the OSCE.
Jalp Imagen Digital is prevented from contracting with the State, according to the OSCE.

Only two months after this good deal for López, he became the highest authority of the hospital. Due to the similarity of the amount, that rent may have been repeated this year.

According to Sunarp, López Peña never separated from his company, which he founded in Huancayo in 2017, with capital of S/80,000. He is the sole owner and administrator.

open investigation

Peru21 learned yesterday that the Supreme Prosecutor Pablo Sánchez signed the resolution that opens an investigation into Minister Jorge López.

Sánchez made this decision when he was in charge of the office of the Nation’s prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, who is in the United States participating in official activities.

The evidence against López is overwhelming. The acquisition of the apartment on Cuba Avenue closes the circle of an apparent case of money laundering.

Yesterday, the special team of the Prosecutor’s Office seized that property by order of Judge Richard Concepción. According to the magistrate, the amounts handled by López would be the product of acts of corruption.

MIRA: Prosecutors seized the house of the ex-partner of the former Minister of Health for the case of ‘smurfing’

And it is that the payment of US$70,000 made by the Dr Luis Quito clinic for the sale of a tomograph that was owned by the head of Health was also established. The money reached the accounts of Dervy Apaza, the minister’s ex-partner.

“There is a probability that these economic funds are illicit, that they are linked to acts of corruption,” the magistrate said in his ruling.

Prosecutor Jorge García seized the department of the ex-partner of the Minister of Health.  (GEC)
Prosecutor Jorge García seized the department of the ex-partner of the Minister of Health. (GEC)

With this measure, in addition, the Public Ministry ensures that those involved do not transfer the property to other people. Prosecutor Jorge García managed to seize it in just two days, after the Sunday newspaper Punto final revealed the suspicious money transactions using the smurfing method.

Keep in mind

-The property seized by the Public Ministry, valued at S/412 thousand, will be managed by Pronabi while the investigations continue to determine the origin of the money used.

-The Dr Luis Quito clinic presented prosecutor Jorge García with a simple contract to demonstrate the purchase of the tomograph, without the endorsement of a notary. The sale, according to the document, was signed on August 22 last.


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