Jorge Messi vs Barcelona: the transcript of the scandal emails

Little by little you are coming to light the details about why Barcelona decided that Lionel Messi I wouldn’t be in the cluba scandal of magnitude that included unusual requests from the soccer player’s family and the anger of the club, which was going through a brutal economic crisis, a product of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this case, the journal The worldwho released the information, accessed different emails from the Messi family and the leaders of the Blaugrana club where the points to achieve the renewal of the best player in the world were discussed.

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In the transcript of the same, you can see a tug of war between both parties to try to reach an agreement, something that ultimately did not happen.

Lionel and Jorge Messi.

Two of the emails with Strong statements from both the club and Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father and agent.

“Each breach would generate another document… and in this way they would feel compelled to comply with the sword above their head”, can be read in one of Jorge Messi’s emails that he made reference to the fact that Barcelona did not want to release Messi and wanted the footballer to pay the clause of 700 million euros.

On the other hand, in another of the emails, the fury of one of Barcelona’s lawyers in full negotiation is also read: “We are FC Barcelona and We cannot accept that they treat us as if we were Almería”points out Román Gómez Ponti, head of the club’s legal services after sending the famous burofax in which the Messi requested freedom of action.

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Jorge Messi carried forward the negotiations for Messi's renewal, something that ultimately did not happen.
Jorge Messi carried forward the negotiations for Messi’s renewal, something that ultimately did not happen.

The transcript of the mails between the family of Lionel Messi and Barcelona

The newspaper Sports world He transcribed the conversations between the father and representative of “La Pulga”, Jorge Messi, and Barcelona, ​​in full contract negotiation.

  • Jorge Pecourt (Messi’s lawyer): “We eliminate the termination clause and set a symbolic amount of 10,000 euros.”
  • Alfonso Nebot (director of Messi’s Family Office): “As you will understand, the effort on the part of the family is very great because next season their remuneration decreases very considerably, but both Lionel and Jorge accept for the good of the club.”
  • Josep Maria Bartomeu (president of Barcelona): “I don’t want anyone to say that we have agreed to leave the door open for Leo, although we know that he will never leave, but there are too many bad people.”
  • Bartomeu, after sending the burofax: “The answer is very simple: Leo has a contract, he wants to play for Barça, Koeman wants him in his sports project. If he wants to leave, he has to pay 700 million, which is what his contract says. This is the message that I have repeated every two days to Leo and to his father”.
  • Bartomeu: “Regarding the bonus (of 10 million euros), as the Covid19 situation is and with the reduction in income, we cannot agree more.”
El Mundo newspaper infographic.
El Mundo newspaper infographic.
  • Román Gómez Ponti (head of legal services), after sending the burofax: “We are FC Barcelona and we cannot accept being treated as if we were Almería”.
  • Jorge Messi (footballer’s father): “Each non-compliance would generate another document … and in this way they would feel obligated to comply with the sword over their head.”
  • Óscar Grau (general manager): “If it were possible, a reduction of between 30% and 40% would be very favorable, as long as it could be assumed by you and it would not cause any harm to you on a day-to-day basis.”
  • Gómez Ponti: “We convey our enormous concern about the extortion to which Mr. D’Argenio, who has been presenting himself as a partner of Rodrigo Messi, has been subjecting the club. Messi’s person and values ​​are completely incompatible with conduct or people of dubious reputation.”
  • Bartomeu: “We will include a paragraph in the contract to cover, if there is in the future, a rise in personal income tax rates.”
  • George Messi: “Leave registered the box that his family and the family of (Luis) Suárez are using”
  • Bartomeu: “I proposed to you that any increase was possible as long as the club returned to revenue levels of 1.1 billion.”
  • George Messi: “And, finally, do not forget that Pepe Costa continues with the extension of his agreement as we have been doing since 2017.”
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