Jorge Muñoz responds to the vacancy request: “If that is a conflict of interest, then let me be vacated”

The Mayor of Metropolitan Lima, Jorge Muñoz, responded to the request of vacancy against him, for allegedly having improperly collected per diems as director of Sedapal, being mayor of Lima.

“And if someone asks me, I would do it again. Where is the conflict of interest there? On the contrary, there what there is is to join forces, build bridges and seek solutions. If that is a conflict of interest, then let me know. Vaquen, then, “said the burgomaster.

On the other hand, Jorge Muñoz also referred this morning to the request of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, on nationalizing the Camisea gas.

For Muñoz, the president’s message is different from the one given by the president of the Council of Ministers, Mirtha Vasquez, and considered that the Government should better read the reality of our country.

“Working together is always good, but what cannot happen is that while the premier Mirtha Vásquez is going to talk about something, that she has the search for agreement, where that priority is not (Camisea gas), the president raise something different, “he said.

“What I feel with this is that there is a reading that is not due to reality. What the Executive has to do is read reality a little more,” he added Muñoz.

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