José Alvarado on Juan Soto: “He doesn’t surprise me or anything” (+Video) | baseball 123

José Alvarado is a guarantee for the Phildelphia Phillies from the bullpen and his contribution was key to qualifying for the 2022 Major League World Series. The Venezuelan left-hander held nothing back when talking about Juan Soto.

For many specialists, Soto is currently the best hitter in baseball, but although the Venezuelan Phillies pitcher has respect for him, he doesn’t have much more to say about this player he faced in the National League Championship Series.

Through an interview with Junior Matrillé, Alvarado spoke about a turn where he faced the Dominican in the recent Postseason series, where he showed him respect, but until then, no more and no less.

“I give him credit, but he knows that when I’m up there (mound) I’m not surprised or anything. I’m going to throw him the fastball. He’s the best hitter in baseball, but when I’m going to face him the best pitcher,” José Alvarado said of the Padres outfielder.

That shows a lot of professionalism, but also self-confidence for a José Alvarado who has been a guarantee for the replacement of this Philadelphia team that will face the Houston Astros in the World Series.

In this Postseason, “El Pocho” has a record of 1-0 in eight games, one save, 3.38 ERA and nine strikeouts.