José fears losing his mortgaged house for paying the psychopath from Chalchuapa who murdered his daughter and two grandchildren

Days before Hugo Osorio killed his daughter and grandchildren, he gave him $ 7,000 as payment to take Alexis to the United States.

José Cruz and Cristina Lima are living difficult days. Added to the loss of her daughter and her two grandchildren at the hands of the psychopath from Chalchuapa, has been added the fear of losing the small house where they live, the only heritage that both elderly people have.

José and Cristina are the parents of Mirna Cruz Lima, 57, and grandparents of Jacqueline Cristina and Alexis Palomo Lima, 26 and 23, respectively, murdered on May 7 in the 11th house of Pasaje Estévez, municipality of Chalchuapa, supposedly by the ex-agent of the National Civil Police, Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chávez, 51, to whom the Attorney General’s Office has given criteria of opportunity (criminal benefits) in one of the two judicial processes originated as a result of the discovery of bodies in several clandestine graves in the house where he was captured.

“There are nights when I don’t sleep thinking about my daughter and my grandchildren, and also about knowing if from one moment to the next they can come and take away this little house that with so much sacrifice we managed to make and that is the only thing we have,” said José. yesterday to El Diario de Hoy.

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José explains that his house was mortgaged by his daughter Mirna with the Banco de Fomento Agropecuario to obtain a loan to pay for the trip that Alexis would make illegally to the United States in search of a better future.

According to the septuagenarian, Hugo convinced Mirna and Alexis for the young man to make the trip guided by Carlos, the psychopath’s brother, who was engaged in illegal human trafficking.

Alexis was studying fourth year of Medicine at the University of El Salvador, says José, but the offer of a cheap trip and the idea of ​​going to work hard to earn enough to buy a house for his mother and sister seduced him.

As they had no money, Mirna asked her father to serve as a guarantee before a bank with the deeds of ownership of the house.

He agreed. And in the first days of May, Mirna gave Hugo $ 7,000 as payment to take Alexis away.

“For those $ 7,000 he killed my daughter, my grandchildren and his own brother (Carlos, the human trafficker) of whom he cut off both hands,” says José, who adds that that Friday, May 7, Carlos came to bring Alexis with the promise that that same day they would leave for the United States.

José Cruz holds a photograph of his grandson, Alexis, when he was just a child. The young man, who was 23 years old, was studying medicine at the University of El Salvador. Photo EDH / Francisco Rubio

José’s hopes

According to José, in the first days after the massacre occurred, police investigators assured him that they had found bank accounts in the name of Osorio Chávez in which he had money.

This has raised hopes in José that the authorities can return the $ 7,000 that Mirna gave him; However, according to the lawyers consulted, this is practically impossible if there is no document signed by Hugo in which the delivery of that money is recorded.

Yesterday José commented that he received a call from the bank asking him for a document about the loan but he says he does not know where Mirna left or kept those papers.

The old man says that he also does not know how much the loan his daughter obtained was, because he only remembers that he went to sign some papers at the bank but did not read anything.

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In his anguish, he asks the government to help him either by recovering the money that his daughter gave to Osorio or by seeing how the bank solves the situation in his favor so that they will take away his house.

They do not give their grandson

More than a month has passed since José buried Mirna and Jacqueline Cristina, murdered by Hugo Osorio. The same day that the bodies of the women were found, police investigators assured José that the two bodies at the bottom of a grave were those of his grandson Alexis and that of Carlos, Hugo Osorio’s brother.

However, the old man does not understand why the remains of his grandson have not been handed over to him.

“I have come to think that there is a cat locked up there and that they should punish that criminal so that he tells where the body of my grandson is if he was not one of those who were in the grave, as a policeman told me”, José says, adding that he no longer goes to Forensic Medicine to ask because the last time they told him to stop coming, that the Prosecutor’s Office would call him.



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