José José's brother says that the singer did not die the day he was informed


José José's brother says that the singer did not die the day he was informed

Jose jose.

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In The fat and the skinny they talked with Hector Sosa, singer's younger brother Jose jose and who was presenting at the Mexico City Some works of Mexican opera. Of course and as expected, they took the opportunity to interview him and ask him about his relationship with the deceased "Prince of the Song".

Hector Sosa He says that for some time they worked together. Hector I made the choirs. I affirm that “Dealing with these artists in that state is not easy… they have no life, the schedules are frightening, they cannot eat at any time. It's a hell".

He added that the older children of Jose jose, Sea and sun Y José Joel SosaHe was never invited by his brother's funeral acts. He says he has no resentment for that and that "If you are not invited, it does not go."

As for the relationship with his brother, he said there was a distancing and that “Fighting with a brother for money is like fighting for a roll. Only he had many bobbins. ”. Over time, the problem between them got bigger and they got to see them in court.

He also added that he does not believe that his brother died on the day it was reported, since the disease he suffered Jose jose "It was very hard and could not have lasted so long". He is very sorry that Jose jose be there "Died like that" and that wishes you the best of travel.

Here the full interview.

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