José Laluz announces that he is negotiating with the Government and PRM

The former deputy of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Jose Laluzit is “in negotiations” with the Government to subsequently reach an electoral agreement with which the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), through the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, according to revelations by the politician and communicator himself.

According to Laluz, is negotiating with the Government “a pilot security program”one of the weak points of the authorities, who have long promoted a police reform in the face of violent acts and crimes that are registered in the nation and that have recently increased.

The politician was defined as a “accomplished type”.

“I don’t have personal goals, I’m a fulfilled guy, but right now I don’t know if I should say it, I’m in negotiations with the government to carry out a pilot safety program and, if that bears fruit, the most likely thing is that I end up reaching an electoral agreement with President Abinader, most likely”, he expressed during an interview they did to him on the television program Más Roberto and of which a video circulates on social networks.

Jose Laluz He was a deputy for the opposition PLD for the National District in the period 2016-2020. He is a member of the Central Committee and Deputy Secretary of Communications of the aforementioned political organization. He is also part of the cast of the morning radio program Zol.

Others have gone

Since losing the elections in 2020, the Dominican Liberation Party has been affected by the abandonment of leaders to make a plot in other organizations, mainly in the People’s Force (FP), led by its former president Leonel Fernández, and the PRM.

The most recent abandonment of the former game of government It was from Rafael Paz, who was a member of the party’s Political Committee and was a candidate for senator of the National District in the last elections. To leave, he argued that this organization was directed by “an impermeable leadership.”

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