There are lies, damn lies and statistics from Marcus Rashford.

Jose Mourinho had a raft of them on Friday and swung her like a kind of sword to kill those who believe that Rashford will not get enough playing time at Manchester United.

He was proud of her. One hundred and five appearances, 5744 minutes, 63.8 games of 90 minutes.


There are other numbers that Mourinho did not mention.

Rashford finds himself in and out of the United team

Mourinho gave a defiant defense of Rashford's involvement last week

It's been more than two and a half years since Rashford made his Premier League debut, and he has scored 45 starts since scoring against Arsenal, only 33 of those coming under Mourinho.

Mourinho has taken 80 games in the Premier League.

Despite all his optimism, Mourinho may not be fully convinced of Rashford's star quality.

It would not be a surprise. The lack of bright, young English attacking talent means that Rashford is valued and celebrated on an exaggerated scale.

Rashford met England earlier this month against Spain

Rashford followed with the winner against Switzerland

He scored the only goal of the England-Switzerland game, sure, and he made a run that lifted an otherwise unimpressed crowd.

But he was also sloppy, casual even. To discard a mistake that flew with the outside of the boot is the kind of mistake that would put Mourinho in all sorts of rage.

He often does it for England.

Rashford also awarded a decent free kick.

His dead ball skills on the training ground have been discussed for a long time, but he does a decent job to keep it secret on the lawn that counts.

Maybe Mourinho will not be sold on Rashford

This is not intended to undermine Rashford's excellence, but merely to establish a connection with why Mourinho, despite all his defiant waving of facts, could not fully trust him.

When it comes to choosing between Rashford and Alexis Sanchez, there is currently only one winner.

But the idea that Rashford should consider leaving United is a misguided one.

Rashford should stay and continue learning his craft.

As far as games are concerned, Rashford's career is still in the development stage, even though he turns 21 next month.

Rashford's career is still in its formative years

He is not the prodigy who was Wayne Rooney. Rooney had more than 100 starts in Rashford's age.

Like Rooney, Rashford has been an integral part of the English team for over a decade.

But right now, his international career is not dependent on being automatically starter for his club.

Understandably, Gareth Southgate plays a big role in the number of English players playing in the Premier League.

And he likes to quote the statistics, which shows that the proportion of English starters for the Big Six is ​​well below the Premier League average.

But that's the quality of the Big Six team, and English players who make the 18 for Matchday are usually good enough for the Southgate team.

Rashford must prove to the team of Manchester United its full value

In other words, a very good Manchester United substitute comes into this English team.

(A very good substitute for a Big Six club comes into that English team, so Southgate Phil Foden should miss a bang.)

For much of his time, Rashford is a very good substitute for Manchester United.

If this continues this season or next, he should reconsider his career path in the club.

But right now, when he always has to talk about having to be the captain somewhere, Rashford is in the right place.

And Mourinho does not need lies, damn lies or statistics to prove it.

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