Joseph Prigozhin commented on his conflict with Vladimir Friske

Already that day in the Networks discussing dressing Natalia Friske in the dress of her sister Jeanne. And the debate about this has not subsided so far. Many fans of the singer are sure that in this way Natalia copies the style of Jeanne Friske.

Producer Joseph Prigozhin also has his own opinion on this matter. However, he is afraid to express it once again. Joseph Prigogine spoke about the reasons for such fears in a short interview with

Joseph Prigogine.  Photo
Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Mikhail Frolov. Archive “KP”

– Joseph Igorevich, recently we saw Natalia’s performance with the song of Zhanna Friske “Somewhere in the Summer”. Do you think that singer Natalya Friske could become a successful commercial project, or doesn’t anyone replace Jeanne?

“You know, I already said that once.” But one person categorically did not like it, and he still sends me threatening messages.

Therefore, no matter what I say, it will be perceived in an offensive way. Replacing an individual is always difficult, whether Zhanna Friske, Valeria, Philip Kirkorov or anyone else.

Each artist has his own bright, unique image. Probably, Natasha could be a successful artist if she formed her own repertoire. And I’m even sure of it, and I don’t completely exclude the fact that she is a talented person.

But one day I ran into Vladimir Friske – her father. And now I’m sure that any comment will come across a lack of adequacy on his part.

I am a person with a certain status and position in society, I never cross borders and behave normally towards people. But this person violates all principles of decency and humanity, and sometimes even at night can send me SMS.

Vladimir Friske.  Photo:
Vladimir Friske. Photo: Boris Kudryavov. Archive “EG”

– We repeatedly called Vladimir Friske and never on his part did not notice aggressive behavior. He is sorry as a father who lost his beloved daughter …

– Purely human, I am ready to understand him, and I also feel sorry for him. I understand that the worst tragedy for a person is to lose a child. Not so children experience the death of their parents, but vice versa.

Of course, this is a tragedy. I can not say anything else about this. But Vladimir Friske is very defiant.

I never crossed borders and always kept my distance. I didn’t do anything bad to him, and I didn’t say anything bad about him. In general, now I just try not to react to his attacks.

“Why did Vladimir Friske behave like that?”

– I just once said that Jeanne Friske cannot be replaced, and this caused him such a violent reaction.

Vladimir Friske took this as an insult to his second daughter, although I did not insult her in any way. And now I regularly get sms offensive from him. And since then, more than six months have passed. hopes this conflict is resolved.


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