Eduardo Yañez has shown that his dealings with the press are not the kindest, even, a few days ago he sent greetings to the media, publishing a couple of photographs with his mother and grandson making obscene gestures addressed to the press.
"Teaching my grandson his first steps, how to greet the press", "What's more, today I'm two for one. There goes … my mom also sends greetings, "he wrote in his snapshots.

Now, the journalist of shows, Norberto Campos denounced through Twitter that the telenovela gallant threatened and insulted him, simply for giving "like a tweet from a fellow journalist, where he commented that we would apply (to Eduardo Yañez) the law of ice, "he said.
In his social network, Campos showed the messages that the actor sent him, in which he says: "Fuck you, baby. The World is small and soon we will meet, to see if you are so tasty. "

This is the threat and insults from Mr. Eduardo Yañez that he sent me by message. I show it in case something happens to me. @LaloYanezLue
– NORBERTO CAMPOS (@norberto_campos) November 10, 2018

Source: Agencies.


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