Journalist who asked Wild question about domestic violence case threatened

Thiago Wild confessed to having lived the best day of his life after hitting Daniil Medvedev in the first round of Roland Garros. However, the press conference was also marked by a question about the accusations of domestic violence that were made by his ex-girlfriend and that are now being decided in court. The Brazilian didn’t like it and it seems he wasn’t the only one.

Following this situation, journalist Renan Nabeshima revealed that Jannik Schneidera concerned German journalist, denounced the accusations against him. “Saddened to reveal that Schneider told me he was threatened after asking Thiago Wild a question about the domestic violence allegations against his ex. A man who is alleged to be an Octagon agent tried to take a picture of his crest. After Jannik refused, the man apologized.”can be read in the Brazilian publication.