Several journalists were targeted by protesters in act 9 of the yellow vests demonstrations and a security guard who accompanied a team of LCI was beaten in Rouen.

Incidents in Rouen, Paris, Marseille, Toulon and Toulouse

A video broadcast by the regional daily Paris Normandy shows an agent, who accompanied a colleague with two journalists from the LCI news channel, being surrounded and beaten by several people, some wearing a yellow vest, while he was on the ground. He is suffering from a broken nose. A complaint has been filed.

In Paris, a team of journalists from LCI was also attacked by some demonstrators and a journalist thrown to the ground before being protected by other protesters.

In Toulon, in the Var, two AFP video journalists were threatened while filming clashes before finding refuge in a restaurant. Initially attacked by a young man without a yellow vest, they were persecuted by a dozen people and received "slaps in the back, in the camera 'and a' kick in the hipSaid one of them.

In Marseilles, the tension is briefly raised, at the beginning of the event, when a dozen yellow vests prevented a video journalist from France 3 and two local photographers from working, forcing them to move away, insulting "the journalists, who are only lying". "The only info is on social networks".

In Toulouse, she is a journalist from the Dépêche du Midi which has been targeted. Refugee in her car, she saw protesters shouting "We'll get out and rape youSaid Lionel Laparade, an associate editor of the newspaper on Twitter. She finally escaped thanks to the help of two yellow vests.

Government members denounce, former minister makes ambiguous remarks

The secretary general of the NGO Reporters Without Borders, Christophe Deloire, launched Sunday "A cry of alarm" after these episodes. "Undeniably, yesterday, a course was crossedhe worried about the BFMTV set. We are facing a situation that is very serious, which threatens to worsen. "

Minister of Culture Franck Riester denounced on Twitter a "despicable lynching" at Rouen. Government spokesman Benjamin Grivaux said on the social network: "For weeks, teams of journalists have been attacked and subjected to violence by protesters all over France". Castaner, for his part said that the attackers will have "accountable to justice".

On the other hand, the former Minister of the Government Raffarin Noëlle Lenoir largely shocked by ambiguous remarks on twitter, declaring "LCI journalists attacked by yellow vests are responsible for what they suffer".

The former minister tried to justify the next day on the social network, but his words did not seem to convince big-world.




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