Joy Huerta celebrates LGBT + Pride with an unpublished photo of her daughter

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The singer is 34 years old – Instagram

Joy Huerta affirmed that her daughter is the result of the resistance and resilience of people who have fought for equal rights

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By Patricia Carranza Alva

Sunday, June 28, 2020, at 3:54 p.m.

The singer is 34 years old – Instagram

Joy Huerta surprised by publishing an unpublished photograph of his little daughter Noah in the context of the celebration of the International LGBT + Pride Day. The singer also dedicated an emotional message to her in which she acknowledges the struggle of hundreds of people for rights LGBT+, who have allowed him to start a family with his wife, Diana Atri.

“Your existence is the fruit of resistance and resilience of those who started this fight for us.
You are the fruit of pure love and pure love and hope for so many. You are the driving force for Mommy and me for many others like you and much more like us. ” Joy, who a few weeks ago released the song “Love” next to his brother Jesse, which seeks to raise awareness about respect for the community LGBT+.

Likewise Joy Huerta He mentioned that he will continue to fight for equal rights to live more freely.

“Today and every day we proudly celebrate our diversity. But also making it clear that there is still a long, long way to go before achieving equal human rights, and that we will continue to fight, resisting with our heads held high so that you, your children, and yours can live with more freedom. Your beautiful little girl, you are our pride, always. “

In previous years Joy kept up her private life away from the spotlight but now the singer boasts her family both in the media and on social networks, where she constantly publishes photographs of her little daughter and his wife.

Actually Noah He is one year old and with the passage of time Joy has shown his growth and also his taste for music.

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