JR East to introduce “QR code ticket gate” … Cost reduction is the purpose and possibility of “increase in kiseru” | Smart FLASH / Smuffler[光文社週刊誌]

A new ticket gate that can also read QR codes (Photo/Jiji Press)

On November 8th, JR East announced that it will gradually introduce automatic ticket gates that can pass through ticket gates with QR codes from the second half of 2024.

By purchasing a ticket from the company’s service “Ekinetto” and holding the QR code over the new automatic ticket gate equipped with a QR reader, you will be able to board the train without going through the ticket vending machine or window.

In the background, there is a major objective of railway companies to reduce costs. He spoke with railroad journalist Tatsuya Edakubo.

“According to JR East, 95% of people in the metropolitan area are using IC cards, but tickets still survive.

In fact, automatic ticket gates that pass tickets require a lot of maintenance costs. Therefore, even in areas where tickets are the mainstream, we would like to convert to IC as soon as possible, but it costs a lot.

However, QR codes cost much less than IC card automatic ticket gates.”

Automatic ticket gates using QR codes have already been introduced on the Okinawa urban monorail “Yui Rail”. You can avoid problems such as “paper jams” by simply holding the ticket over the machine without passing it through the machine.

“JR may also adopt such a format in the future.In any case, the image is that it will not only be a QR code, but a new form of ticket gate will be added for ticketless. it might be”

However, one thing that worries me about this announcement is the measures for stations that do not have automatic ticket gates.

At the moment, the company says, “We are considering a method for customers to start and end their own use on the app.” Some say that

When I asked a public relations representative of JR East about this, they replied, “Since the start of the service is still in the future, we are still at the stage of considering specific operations.”

By the way, currently, you can board an airplane with a QR code, but when you hold your iPhone over a barcode reader, Apple Pay is activated and it is often difficult to check in. Perhaps because of that, there were also negative opinions on social media, such as “I can only see a future where ticket gates are congested.”

I would like to avoid traffic jams in front of ticket gates, but sooner or later railways will be completely “paperless” without tickets.

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