Juan Carlos Olivas dies, 'El Güero' from the series 'El Chapo'

Juan Carlos Olivas dies, 'El Güero' from the series 'El Chapo'

The Mexican actor Juan Carlos Olivas , interpreter of the character of ‘The Güero’ in ‘El Chapo’ died on Thursday, confirmed the protagonist of the hit series, the actor Marco de la O, in a telephone interview with Univision Entertainment. “The whole team (from ‘El Chapo’), we are all dismayed because we did not know anything . We are very sad. Very, very sad for the surprise news … It hurt us a lot and it is surprising that a person so young, so healthy and so talented has left “, reiterated De la O, who early this Friday posted a photo of his compadre on Instagram , next to which he wrote: “Rest in peace my dear güerito. We will miss you friend, but I will always have the screen to see you. Friend, thanks for being an actor and meeting you. Rest in peace, friend (rest in peace). ” For its part, the production house of the series, Story House, sent a press release stating that “Juan Carlos Olivas was a talented actor and storyteller and our team is deeply saddened by his death.” On behalf of Story House and all the production team of ‘El Chapo’, we express our deepest condolences to his family and friends during this sad and difficult moment. ” According to Marco de la O, this Thursday a person told him that he had seen Juan Carlos in recent days and had noticed that He looked “very skinny, as forgetful” . Then, he worried and even told his wife that he would call him this Friday, to catch up, because it had been three or four months since they saw each other. What would not be your sadness when you start looking for it on Facebook , he found “many condolences on his wall.” He surprised me, I started to investigate and it was like I learned that he died yesterday, as a result of a cancer, apparently too aggressive, that was fulminant. ” The interpreter of ‘El Chapo’ assured that they were not recording together, because in the second season and ‘El Güero’ was in jail. But, “obviously I shared many scenes with him, in the first and second season.” He remembered him as “a great actor, an irreproachable companion, a brother, that hurts (his departure). ” The young actor, who was not married and had no children, spent his free time enjoying nature. Marco de la O said that Juan Carlos “climbed, rode a motorcycle, did a lot of sport, box … He was a super, super healthy guy . I did not drink, I did not smoke. ” In an interview he gave Univision in May last year, Olivas offered details of his preparation to play ‘El Güero’ , which included conversations with neighbors of the drug trafficker, who let him know that he was always “a family man … regardless of his business and the violence he was able to exercise.” In addition, of his participation in ‘El Chapo’, Juan Carlos Olivas stood out for his performances in the films ‘180 degrees’ and ‘2033’, among other projects.

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