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The dizzying expansion of drug dealing in Mexico City would have been impossible without the complacency or frank complicity of the capital police. The police know the majority of the petty narco by name, nickname and surname. This happens in the city in general but in particular in the neighborhood of Tepito. As many Chilangos know, in that neighborhood there is a short sale of drugs and firearms and there are houses, well located, that serve as warehouses or riding schools.

The rapid expansion of drug trafficking is the main generator of violence in the city and has become its beast. This is because it generates a criminal mass that, once outside the law, is dedicated to a wide range of crimes, beginning with extortion, but also robbery in its different modalities, dealing with people, among others. This mass crime is so great that it far exceeds the authorities.

The vertiginous expansion of retail drug trafficking in the city is due to the fact that the consumer market continues to grow. Consumers put their money on the table and do not relate their leisure time with the climate of insecurity in the metropolis, or if they link it they do not care. The result is in sight: the city has become a dangerous place.

In this context, it should not be surprising that they were federal forces, responsible for the capture of several commanders of the Unión Tepito gang, including the Pistache, alleged new head of the criminal gang. Federal authorities, not the capital, have been responsible for other high impact catches such as the Ojos en Tlàhuac.

The federal authority made the following narration: During an operation carried out in the mayorships of Álvaro Obregón and Benito Juárez, elements of the PGR and the Navy detained eight members of the Tepito Union. The head of the Criminal Investigation Agency, Omar García. He reported that in Álvaro Obregón David "N", "El Pistache", was arrested as a leader of the criminal group.

He was also in charge of the sale and distribution of drugs, extortion and collection of businessmen's floor of the restaurant industry and nightclubs by using as means of pressure attacks with firearms to their establishments. "El Pistache" also engaged in the probable sexual exploitation and trafficking of persons in the Polanco, Condesa, Roma and Juárez neighborhoods belonging to Mexico City as well as Ciudad Satélite.

Also, he is likely responsible for ordering various homicides against members of antagonistic groups when leaving their bodies in public places with messages alluding to the dispute between criminal groups. Along with "El Pistache" was arrested its main operator known as Daniel Eduardo Leon Cifuentes aka "The Tiger", likely responsible for the logistics of drug distribution, collection of money and the killings against members of rival groups. García Baruch said that in one of the operations there was a confrontation with the alleged members of the criminal group, where one of the aggressors was injured. In the neighborhood of Narvarte Poniente, the insurance of six more members of the same criminal organization was secured, who served as the main operators of "El Pistache and" El Tiger ".

Does the capture of the Pistache ends with the Union Tepito? Will the dissolution of this criminal gang pacify the city? The answer to both questions is negative. The real solution includes the in-depth intervention of the authority in the neighborhood of Tepito, reinventing it, the dismantling of police support and a new policy regarding marijuana.

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