Juan Manuel Santos and Gustavo Petro are on the list of the “throws” of 2018

Natalia Molano Torres – [email protected] Friday, January 17, 2020

This network of illegal interceptions would search for bank information and financial data of various public figures

After the complaint of the Magazine Week Regarding alleged interceptions that the Army had carried out on magistrates, politicians and journalists and the investigations being carried out by the Attorney General’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office, local media released the names of some public figures who had been intercepted by the network of jabs ”discovered.

In that scandal, in which General (r) Humberto Guatibonza was involved; the former press chief of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, Carlos Arenas; and former members of the National Army, among others, groups such as the pilots’ union Colombian Association of Civil Aviators (Acdac) were intercepted; the former prosecutor, Néstor Humberto Martínez and several lawyers.

Juan Manuel Santos, Gustavo Petro, Roy Barreras, Iván Cepeda, Gustavo Bolívar, General (r) Óscar Naranjo and Humberto de la Calle are some names that would have been found in documents found in raids carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office, which would have the objective of investigating assets in the exterior, bank accounts and movements of each of the public figures.

The text released is dated March 2018 and has as its “client” the journalist Carlos Arenas, captured in that year for the case of illegal interceptions.

According to Petro, who spoke through his Twitter account, “since the presidential campaign and in the middle of it they investigated my financial movements illegally, in Colombia and abroad, to attack me” adding that he was the former press chief of the Police who had given the order to shoot him and who would be the link of the interception network to get new clients, being charged with conspiracy to commit a crime.


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