Juan Toscanos, became the first Mexican player to win an NBA title

As the season progressed and injured players returned, opportunities to be a part of the Warriors’ rotation dwindled, with Juan Toscano never failing to support Steve Kerr when he needed it.

In the finals against Boston, Toscano had the opportunity to play in five of the six games and despite the fact that he entered when the games were defined, nobody takes away the pride of participating in the NBA Finals and being part of the winning team.

The games and results in which Juan Toscano participated are as follows:

Game 1 | Celtics 120-108 Warriors | 0:48 seconds, 1 assist

Game 2 | Celtics 88-107 Warriors | 03:35 minutes, 2 rebounds, 2 assists

Game 3 | Warriors 100-116 Celtics | 2:19 minutes, 1 turnover

Game 5 | Celtics 94-104 Warriors | 1:19 minutes, 2 fouls

His regular season averages were 4.1 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists. Juan participated in 73 games with an average of 13.6 minutes per game. He may not have had many minutes in the Finals but he was an important part of the game.

In fact, throughout the campaign and thanks to his perseverance, he managed to help the Warriors achieve victory. In addition to the fact that he fulfilled his dream of becoming an NBA player and today he can shout that he is a champion.

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