Encarnizada fight for the border square of the cartels

"The plaza is very hot," an official from Mexico's federal intelligence services told Proceso, who requested anonymity. "There are many dead, but those executed are gang members and small-time narcotics, and executions also take place in the poorest areas. of the city, like that of the Center, where the narcomenudeo flows that the gangs and gangs are affiliated to what is left of the Jurez Cartel.

During a tour of different areas of Ciudad Jurez it was possible to corroborate that there is a battlefield between La Lnea, Barrio Azteca and Los Mexicles, associated with Jurez Crtel (which many call the New Jurez Crtel), and Los Asesinos Asesinos, criminal army linked to the Sinaloa Crtel.

The official of the US intelligence agency exposes the situation: "It is an internal cleanup between criminals that suits the Mexican authorities, more than the federal and state authorities." Incredibly, the Line is eliminating members of the Barrio. Azteca and Los Mexicles, already members of Los Asesinos Asesinos, are massacres that favor the federal and state governments, that is why they do nothing to avoid it, they are criminals killing criminals, who cares, the government, no, and less to the people of Jurez who are not involved in the drug business.


The national media do not echo the killing of criminals for a day on this border; the dispatches about these events in the local newspapers or in the news of radio and television pass to second term.

The sum of executions in 2018 exceeds that registered a few years ago, when Ciudad Jurez became a point of international coverage and was listed as one of the most violent cities on the planet because of drug trafficking, corruption and government impunity.

"It is in the best interest of the federal government for Jurez not to have the notoriety of 10 years ago, because he exposes his failures, and to the state government, less." After the city seemed to have calmed down, investments had been revived and the flow of people arriving from the United States for shopping or pleasure, once again there are deserted streets and many businesses have closed their doors, exposes the official of the Mexican intelligence services, while accompanying the Process tour.

According to the official records of Chihuahua, Ciudad Jurez committed 72 homicides in January of this year, 43 in February, 56 in March, 65 in April, 126 in May, 178 in June, 177 in July and 182 in August. The prosecution totals 889 homicides until last month. However, human rights organizations and some local media maintain that the number is at least 930 murders in the same period, without taking into account the little more than 30 that already occurred in the first two weeks of September.

Governor Javier Corral and Armando Cabada, municipal president of Ciudad Jurez, attended the inauguration of the Marriott Courtyard hotel, the first of this chain in the border city. The reporter testifies how both spoke of a thriving and peaceful city, which continues to attract tourism and investments:

"The inauguration of this beautiful hotel represents the confidence of the business sector and tourism in Ciudad Jurez and in the state of Chihuahua," the governor said.

DEA Report

Reports and analyzes of the DEA recently prepared and provided to the Process for review highlight the dispute between local criminal organizations for drug dealing.

One of the reports from the DEA office in El Paso, Texas, indicates that due to the presumed dissolution of Jurez Crtel, about seven years ago, and after the arrival in the zone of operators and capos of Sinaloa (in 2008, 2009 and 2010) and that settled in the region, the gang members who were dedicated to the transfer of drugs independently for the local market are now a problem for large organizations that handle the export to the United States.

"The Ciudad Jurez plaza was recovered by the Sinaloa Crtel, many of the criminals who worked for the Jurez Crtel and who defected seven years ago to work as independent traffickers are being eliminated within the gangs to which they belong. that are dedicated to the local market of the sale of drugs, such as crystal, heroin and methamphetamine, we read in one of the parts of the report of 23 folios.

The DEA report agrees with the radiography of the causes of the violence that befell Ciudad Jurez and that the high official who operates in the border region for this week wrote for another of the powerful intelligence agencies of the Trump government: "Jurez est Under the total control of the Sinaloa Crtel, the Crtel de Jalisco Nueva Generacin (CJNG) tried to fight for the plaza about three or four years ago, but could not … Here are the people of Ismael, El Mayo, Zambada Garca and their children, and the nephews of Rafael Caro Quintero (sons of his brother Miguel).

The US official makes a comment that draws attention and highlights the power of the people of El Mayo Zambada in Ciudad Jurez, who took the fraction of the Sinaloa Crtel that was under the direction of the sons of Joaqun, El Chapo, Guzmn.

"Jurez continues to get a lot of drugs into the United States: heroin, methamphetamines and derivatives of fentanyl, marijuana and cocaine, the CJNG has much to do with the traffic of heroin and fentanyl, but believe it or not, to operate here in Jurez pay right They are ready (those of the CJNG), they do not meddle in the internal cleaning of the criminal groups of here, maybe that later they take advantage of it, clarifies the official.

In Chihuahua, and after the arrival of Corral to the government, there have been sporadic catches of local capos, however the indices of violence and executions continue to rise.

In comparative terms, based on official statistics of the Chihuahua government on executions and intentional homicides in Ciudad Jurez, 2018 and until now the month of August, they paint to be the cycles of greatest increase in the levels of violence.

The collection of fatal data by the state tax office expose that in 2012 there were 789 murders in Ciudad Jurez, 514 in 2013, 438 in 2014 and 311 in 2015. As of 2016 the figures began to rise: 546 that year and 772 the next.

During Caldern's mandate, when Ciudad Jurez stood out as a symbol of the failure of the war against drug trafficking, 9,117 homicides were registered in the city. The tax office gathered in its reports that in 2008, there were a thousand 587 homicides, 2 thousand 643 in 2009, 3 thousand 103 in 2010 and thousand 684 in 2011.

In the Sexenio de la Muerte the lowest monthly average of executions in Ciudad Jurez was in 2009, with 90, but the highest was in 2010, when in October alone 359 people were annihilated by violence related to drug trafficking.


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