Judge: Juliari has suffered enough humiliation from society – The panel of judges sentenced Juliari Batubara to 12 years in prison, the defendant in the case corruption Covid-19 assistance. The decision was based on the consideration of mitigating and aggravating conditions for the criminal offense of the former Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos).

In a mitigating point, the judge said that Juliari had already received enough social sanctions in the form of humiliation from the Indonesian people, although the court had not yet found him guilty.

“The situation is mitigating, the defendant has suffered enough to be reviled, cursed, humiliated by the community. The defendant has been convicted by the community, even though legally the defendant is not necessarily guilty before a court decision has permanent legal force,” said the judge at the Criminal Court. Corruption Jakarta Center, Monday (23/8).

In addition, the judge continued, Juliari during the four-month trial was always present and orderly. He was considered cooperative without acting by making various excuses that hindered the trial.

“In fact, in addition to the trial for himself as the defendant, the defendant must also be present as a witness in the cases of Adi Wahyono and Matheus Joko Santoso,” explained the judge.

The aggravating thing is that Juliari’s corruption was carried out during a non-natural emergency, namely the Covid-19 pandemic. While the former cadre PDIP it even continues to deny everything he did.

“The defendant’s actions can be qualified as not chivalrous. It is like throwing stones and hiding hands. Dare to do not dare to take responsibility. Even denying his actions,” he said.

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Reporter: Nanda Perdana
Source: [rhm]