Judge orders Lozoya to compensate journalist for moral damage

Rubén Mosso

Mexico City / 15.05.2022 21:06:02

The defense of the former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Emilio Lozoya Austin, announced that he will appeal the sentence handed down against his client a few days ago, alluding to the ruling of a civil judge in Mexico City which determined that it caused moral damage to the journalist Lourdes Mendoza.

In the complaint that Emilio Lozoya filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), he assured that federal deputies and other officials received bribes with money from the Brazilian construction company Norberto Odebrecht to approve the energy reform in the past six-year term.

He also said that former Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray ordered the journalist to buy a luxury bag, which she received.

The lawyers Alejandro Rojas Pruneda and Miguel Ontiveros Alonso indicated that Lozoya Austin is the highest level public servant in the previous administration, who has denounced the operation of an “organized apparatus of power focused on corrupting people and institutions to the detriment of the assets of the Republic.”

They mentioned that he also provided sufficient evidence for the FGR to take criminal action against various people, which has motivated the actions of judges against characters involved in the reported acts of corruption.

The foregoing, they pointed out, “evidence that what was indicated and ratified by Lozoya Austin is true.”

“Despite the campaigns directed towards him and against the President of the Republic himself – whose purpose is to discredit and silence a collaborating witness of the Mexican State and thus cover up the acts of corruption he denounced, which occurred during the past administration -, Mr. Lozoya Austin will continue collaborating with the institutions that make up the Mexican criminal justice system,” they assured.

On Friday, May 13, the journalist announced that oobtained a favorable resolution that orders to compensate her with 500 thousand pesos, according to the sentence of the civil judge, Helio Victoria Guzmán.


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