Judge rejects Amber Heard’s request for new trial

An American judge on Wednesday rejected an appeal from American actress Amber Heard. In the case against Johnny Depp, Heard had asked for an annulment of the verdict, she wanted a new trial.

In early June, Heard was sentenced by a court in Fairfax, Virginia, for defamation to pay $10 million in damages to her former husband, actor Johnny Depp. Depp was also found guilty and has to pay Heard two million dollars.

The actress then asked for the statement to be quashed. Her lawyers cited, among other things, that there was a mistake of identity with one of the seven jury members. According to American media, the court documents show that a 77-year-old man had to be called up as a juror. But the convocation letter was answered by his son, who has the same name and lives at the same address.

The judge in Fairfax dismissed the appeal. Heard was not harmed by the presence of the ‘wrong’ judge, or so it sounds. There was no evidence of fraud and both sides had agreed to the composition of the jury at the start of the trial, it is emphasized.