The latter denounces the brutality of the artwork but also the content of the explanatory text, placed next to the statue. The artist Daphne Du Barry explains that Our Lady of the innocents is "a pilgrimage for all those who want to redeem themselves, make inner peace or accept their children"

It is also written that the Virgin represents a listening and forgiving for "women who have aborted and repent, couples who want to have children and who have difficulties or families who have problems with their offspring."

For Claire Moracchini – although it is an artistic creation – the message is shocking and aims to put forward an anti-abortion position. "This sculpture is intended to make women feel guilty about using abortion, remember that this is a fundamental right and that those who have been there are often in great pain. repentance is totally unacceptable. "

Determined to be heard, Family Planning 06 wrote a letter to the mayor of Menton, Jean-Claude Guibal. "We want this work to be moved so that it is no longer visible on public space."

On Wednesday, Claire Moracchini looked like supporters before sending her missive by mail. Several associations have signed the letter as "We all 06 ", the Association for Democracy in Nice (ADN), the group of "Freethinkers" of Menton or the Group of Reflections and Feminist Actions (Graf).

The sculpture of the Dutch artist also goes around the social networks and some Mentonnais wonder about the vocabulary used. "I do not like these dead babies and I do not like the word to redeem itself, it is already quite traumatic to have an abortion", can we read on Facebook.

"This artwork will stay in front of the hotel forever"

In an interview with France 3, the artist Daphné Du Barry justified her approach. "The child is a gift from God, I myself did not have children and I wanted to witness the beauty of life." And to add: "How many unborn children could have been geniuses?"

For Liana Marabini, owner of the Grand Hotel des Ambassadeurs and chair of the Biennale's scientific committee, the Family Planning did not capture the artist's "pacifist" message. "This controversy is unfounded." Daphne Du Barry's sculpture is not intended to make women guilty of abortion, but the Virgin's representation is intended to help those who have had to tear a being out of their bodies. 'IVG, whatever the reason, is a weight on the soul.'

Liana Marabini invites family planning members to discuss the topic of abortion with her. And to add with firmness: "This artwork will stay in front of the hotel, and that forever." The owner of the Grand Hotel des Ambassadeurs does not seem ready to repent.


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