Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Judged corrections, the mayor of Rigaud’s going to resign


It is coming out of the hearing, before the judgment, that he has made this statement.

The mayor of this small town in the valley of the Var, prosecuted for “illegal interest”, had to explain the conditions under which, during the summer of 2013, the single municipal employee of Rigaud had been to retype the villa of her son, on the working time of the commune.

The case is taking place in an electric atmosphere in the village. Part of the opposition to the mayor was also in the room.

the public prosecutor has requested a one-year suspended sentence, 10,000 euro fine and a prohibition to exercise a public function.

The defense of the mayor has pleaded for the acquittal, finding that no evidence of illegal catch of interest had been provided at the hearing, and denouncing the poisonous climate that reigns in the town. The case was taken under advisement.

The judgment will be known in the afternoon. Jean-Paul Crulli is the mayor of Rigaud, a town of 230 inhabitants, since 1983.

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