Judiciary Police look for clues in the death pit in Vila Verde – Portugal

The Judiciary Police were, this Tuesday, carrying out complementary investigations in the well, in Vila Verde, where a body was found last Thursday. For this he had the help of a team of divers and firefighters.

The objective is to find more evidence that can help to understand if the body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, is that of a man or a woman, and then to determine if it is a crime or not. For now, all scenarios are on the table.

The discovery took place during a work being carried out in a house that was abandoned for years. “The well was closed and nobody had access to it. I don’t understand how this happened”, he told the CM Alberto Malheiro, who alerted the authorities after finding the body. Everything indicates that the corpse had been there for several years. Therefore, it has not yet been possible to determine to whom it belongs.