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Julia Nachalova broke up with her boyfriend

Having divorced football player Yevgeny Aldonin, and after that having parted ways with hockey player Alexander Frolov, Julia Nachalova told everyone that she is now single.

The public did not know anything about the artist's personal life until in June, 37-year-old Yulia did not appear in the company of an unfamiliar young man. Her companion was a lawyer named Vyacheslav. Previously, he was far from the starry party, but now began to appear with the singer at various social events and go out on the red carpet.
As Julia Nachalova told, after one of the concerts, the man gave her a bouquet of flowers, and they met. There were rumors on the web that a wedding was being prepared, they even talked about Yulia’s pregnancy, but it all turned out to be untrue — Nachalova broke up with her boyfriend.

Now, says Julia, she is not going to waste time on men, she doesn’t think about any marriage, although some of her acquaintances might start caring for her. But the singer does not allow this, but wants to concentrate on work and relatives.
She has no regrets about the fact that so far she has not developed a family relationship and says she believes that she will meet her soul mate. With him she will be ready to live until the end of days. But a man, according to Yulia, should do things, and not be a talker.
Now Julia is trying to pay more attention to her only daughter Vera.
You also have to fight gout, which Nachalova was diagnosed several years ago. Now the singer is trying to eat right – she refused sugar and salt, she cooks vegetable soups every day.
Yulia periodically worsens the disease. Then the joints become very swollen. At such a time, the singer says, she puts on closed clothes and hides her hands in gloves.


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