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Julia Nachalova died :: Showbiz ::

How fast time flies! For 40 days, as Yulia Nachalova is not with us, it seems that only yesterday they were saying goodbye to her and everyone could not see enough of the last time … The correspondent took the flowers to the singer’s grave and gasped.

Julia Nachalova rested on the 17th – the new – section of the Troekurovsky cemetery in the west of the capital. This is one of the most prestigious metropolitan necropolises – it is considered a branch of the older Novodevichy.

Mainly buried around the military – admirals, generals, front-line soldiers. And every day the grave hills become more and more … Already, a whole series of new graves has appeared near the tomb of the singer. And therefore it was not so easy to find her.

It is also not easy because the star’s grave literally drowned. Drowned in flowers, wreaths, candles, soft toys. As the cemetery workers said, Nachalova’s grave is the most visited, in their opinion. People come here every day with flowers. Although other celebrities found their last shelter in this churchyard, including actresses Lyubov Polishchuk and Natalia Gundareva, musicians Alexander Barykin and Vladimir Troshin, journalists Sergey Suponev and Anna Politkovskaya, politicians Gennady Seleznev and Boris Nemtsov.

Photo: / Felix Grozdanov

The main part of the fans Yulia and her relatives came with flowers the day before. The fact is that the family of the singer made a statement – they say, because of the school performance of the daughter of Nalalova, mourning events and funerals are postponed a day earlier. The priests assured the family that such canons are not forbidden. The main thing is not external attributes, but a sincere prayer for the soul of the newly-reposed.

“Up to 40 days it is worth less fussing about domestic issues, being distracted by material problems and praying more for the deceased. On the 40th day, the deceased is brought before God, and his place of stay is determined before the Last Judgment, therefore relatives should take care to ease the fate of the deceased” – explained "Days. Ru" the rector of the metropolitan church, which was often visited by Julia Nachalova

Photo: / Felix Grozdanov

The press secretary of the singer Anna Isaeva on Instagram left a touching and painful message to her "little sister" Yulia:

Goodbye, my friend, goodbye!

My dear, you are in my chest!

Intended parting

Promises a meeting ahead.

Goodbye, without a hand, without a word,

Do not be sad and not sad eyebrows,

In this life, dying is not new,

But living, of course, is not recent …

Photo: / Felix Grozdanov

Recall that Julia Nachalova died on March 16 from cardiac arrest as a result of an abscess. And on March 21, the 38-year-old singer was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery. The place on the prestigious churchyard is worth more than a million, but at the request of the deputy Oksana Pushkina, who wrote to the Moscow government, the mourning hall and the site for the singer were donated.

Photo: / Felix Grozdanov


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