Julia Roberts on the set of "Busy Tonight." (Photo: E! Entertainment, Jordin Althaus / E! Entertainment)

Leave it to Busy Philipps, in the 1990s, to bring up a very '90s-specific photo of Julia Roberts during the actress' appearance on Philipps' new E! Talk show "Busy Tonight."

Philipps asked Roberts premiered in 1999's "Notting Hill" premier flashed her armpit hair while waving to fans, wondering what she was trying to make a statement with her visible body hair.

"So just because of feminism, I'm always thinking about these things – you know, you rocked the hairy armpit at the 'Notting Hill' premiere, and you never really said that, like a statement," Philipps said.

"The picture is vivid in my mind, actually, from that, from that moment," Roberts said. "I think I just had not really calculated, my sleeve length and the waving, and how those two things would go together and reveal Personal things about me … so it's not so much a statement as it's just part of the statement.

In short – no, that was not a feminist statement from Robert's as much as it was a too-short sleeve.

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