10:36, 11/06/2018

                            The actress admitted that she has a rather complicated character, but for her husband she finds "more sophisticated and convincing ways of influence."

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Julia Vysotskaya has become a new heroine of the Vyacheslav Manucharov YouTube show. In almost an hour of the interview, the actress spoke frankly about her uneasy nature, relationship with her husband Andrei Konchalovsky, who is 36 years older, and also speculated on the topic of sexual harassment – a painful topic that has been haunting the public for a year. In an interview, Vysotskaya noted that has a rather stormy temper, which is literally built into its nature – Julia comes from a Cossack family. “My grandfather Melikhov, and this desire all the time to remove the sword and start waving to it is present. Sometimes you want to solve all the issues at once with one motion of your hand, eyebrow or word. I've been working on it all my life. I must say that in relation to my husband, I wave the sword extremely rarely. I find much more sophisticated and convincing ways to influence. He never brings the situation to the fact that it was necessary to wave the sword. He knows me very well and understands how to soften it a bit, ”the artist admitted. Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky (photo gallery: scroll to the right) Vysotskaya also noted that despite loving solitude and enjoying it, restoring strength, she gets great pleasure from work and theater. However, despite the impressive number of years spent on stage and in front of the camera, she still needs fear and excitement. “In order for me to begin to enjoy, fear must arise. Every time I go on stage, I get scared, ”said Vysotskaya. Nevertheless, Julia, by her own admission, considers herself a very strong person. Vysotskaya’s fans really are amazed at the artist’s resilience. A few years ago, Julia, with her husband and daughter Maria, got into a terrible accident in France. As a result of the accident, the actress’s heiress suffered greatly and fell into a coma. Despite the fact that a few months ago, the girl began to react to external stimuli, Maria’s body recovery is very, very slow. Rumors repeatedly appeared in the media that it was the consequences of the terrible accident that became an apple of discord in the stellar family of Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya. Read also: 45-year-old Yulia Vysotskaya showed a figure in a bathing suit
45-year-old spouse of Andrei Konchalovsky Julia Vysotskaya received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation


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