Julián Alexander ‘mocks’ in the face of Ethel Pozo: “I present to you the competition of the weeping woman”

With all the confidence in the world! Through social media, Michelle Alexander’s brother, Julian, surprised all his fans by recording a tiktok video with Ethel Pozo, who I trolley face to face.

And the thing is, Ethel’s boyfriend went all out when describing his girlfriend’s emotions: “this thing cries when it is happy, when it is sad, when it is angry, when it is hungry. Gentlemen, I present to you the competition of the weeping woman”, You hear him say.


He happily knows how I am 🙈🤣 😝And that’s how we love each other 😍 @julianalexandermu ## parati

♬ original sound – Cristell_Medina

Ethel Pozo breaks down in tears over the Melissa Paredes case

As it is recalled, the daughter of the popular ‘little boy’ was the target of criticism after breaking live due to problems that Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba were going through, who were about to separate due to alleged infidelity.

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