The father of WikiLeaks co-founders Julian Assange has called on the Australian Government to arrange for his son to be returned to his home country. Australian Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister Scott Morrison should "do something," Assange's father John Shipton told the Australian newspaper Sunday Herald Sun.,

"It can easily be solved to the satisfaction of all," said Shipton convinced. There are already talks between a senator and a senior State Department official about extradition of his son Australia given. However, Prime Minister Morrison had previously emphasized that Assange could not count on "special treatment".

The Australian Assange was arrested on Thursday after seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The government of Ecuador had previously suspended political asylum for the 47-year-old, who is regarded by many as a public enemy in the United States because of the publication of secret US documents. The US is demanding the extradition of Assange.

On Saturday, more than 70 British parliamentarians asked Interior Minister Sajid Javid to consider handing over the WikiLeaks co-founder to Sweden. There threatens him a resumption of investigations for rape allegations. So far, however, Sweden has not requested the extradition of the 47-year-old.