Juliari wasn’t fired, even though she was shy

Semarang, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman of the DPC PDIP Salatiga City Teddy Sulistyo is surprised that former Social Minister Juliari Batubara has not been sacked from the position of deputy general treasurer of the party bearing the bull symbol despite being convicted in a corruption case. Covid-19 assistance.

Teddy compared the fate of other PDIP cadres who were immediately fired when they were named corruption suspects. One example is the former Regent of Purbalingga Tasdi.

“Look at Juliari. So far, he hasn’t been fired. Even though he’s clearly embarrassed to eat the social assistance people’s money. In Central Java, the Regent of Purbalingga, Mr. Tasdi, was immediately fired by the KPK. What’s wrong with this, isn’t it discriminatory?” said Teddy, Monday (8/11).

Teddy also mentioned the Head of the PDIP Bappilu and the Chairman of the Central Java PDIP DPD Bambang Wuryanto alias Bambang Pacul. He questioned Bambang’s actions so far in the bull party.

“We are the commanders here, in the regions. Why are we now the chairman of the DPD with the style as long as we call this a bull, this is a boar. Even though the so-called boar is actually more senior than him, and the struggle has been since the ProMega era,” he said.

According to Teddy, he is critical of the PDIP DPP because of his love for the party and the General Chairperson of Megawai Soekarnoputri. He also decided to step down as chairman of the Salatiga PDIP DPC and a member of the DPRD before being fired.

“The matter of being fired is ready. So before being fired, I resigned first. I am a militant cadre, four times, four terms as Chair of the DPC. My parents have been fighting for Mrs. Mega since the 27 July era. Position for me is not everything,” he said. .

Previously, Teddy submitted his resignation as chairman of the Salatiga City PDIP DPC on 27 October. He also stated that he had resigned as a member of the DPRD for Salatiga City, Central Java.

Teddy was also summoned to the PDIP DPP Office, Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta with the agenda of consolidating the party’s internal organization. He admitted that he was uncomfortable with the hectic ‘Bull-Boar’ polemic within the PDIP regarding the 2024 presidential candidacy.

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