Julie Delpy remembers the nightmarish filming for Mauvais sang in the 80s (VIDEO)

This Friday, June 25, the actress Julie Delpy was the guest of The original soundtrack on France Inter. The one who will be showing in the film My Zoe, from next Wednesday, of which she is also the director, confided in the milestones of her career. The actress, seen among others in Lolo, is therefore delivered on her beautiful meeting with Jean-Luc Godard, but also remembered less pleasant shoots, as in 1986 with Mauvais Sang. A feature film by Leos Carax which did not go extremely well. On the contrary, she even speaks of a nightmarish experience.

Asked by Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi, Julie Delpy said: “Yes, it was a very difficult shoot. I had a motorcycle accident. [Leos Carax] was not easy. The actress was not easy either. It was a set of things where I was really traumatized coming out of this movie. It was at the limit where I wondered if I wanted to continue what. It was not a pleasant shooting, no “, she unveiled without detour, thus engaging in the passage on” the actress “, of Bad blood, which one thus imagines to be Juliette Binoche.

Nagui, referring to old words of the actress and director where she denounced: “At the age of 13, during one of my first auditions, a director made me an unhealthy reflection / proposition, he caught the script in his face and my reputation as a bitch began. I cried in my father’s arms … “, asked him if it was precisely (…)

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