“Julie had already threatened to commit suicide”

Julie L. was heard by the police this Wednesday afternoon. The investigating judge postponed his interrogation for this Thursday in the morning. It is not known at this stage what the police hearing could have obtained as new elements in this terrible drama.

Earlier in the morning, the prosecution, the investigators and the lab returned to tour the premises. We were looking for a possible letter that the victim could have written and in which Julie L. could have explained the inexplicable: take the life of her children before attempting to die.

As a reminder, help had been requested late Tuesday afternoon at rue du Jeu de Balle in Hantes-Wihéries (Erquelinnes). A mother had killed two of her children, Orphée and Cérès, 2 and 7 years old. A third child, Thibald, aged 9, was in critical condition. His state of health has stabilized. “He is still in an artificial coma but his condition has been stable since Tuesday evening. He should get out of it, ”said David Lavaux, mayor of Erquelinnes (IC).

Julie’s uneventful profile, normal, you could say, gradually cracked… Tuesday evening, we had already learned, alas, that the couple had been faced with the premature loss of a baby. “Pregnant, Julie had to undergo a termination of pregnancy, depending on the baby’s state of health“. A shock, a trauma for all those who had to undergo such a test. “Julie has never been the same. She lived it very badly, ”we are still told. So much so that the unhappy girl seemed to have developed hallucinations.

“She had already threatened to commit suicide”, we continue in the village.

► A director of a school where Julie L. worked kindly spoke to us.

According to information from our colleagues from the DH, Julie had had an abortion after six months of pregnancy, almost three years ago, because the child had a high degree of Down’s syndrome and heart defects. A traumatic experience for the mother.


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