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Juliette Hurel-Hélène Couvert, Wolf Parade, Demi Portion…


  • Juliette Hurel-Hélène Covered
    Composers at the dawn of the XXe century
    Works by Mel Bonis, Lili Boulanger, Clémence de Grandval, Cécile Chaminade and Augusta Holmès by Juliette Hurel (flute) and Hélène Couvert (piano).
Cover of the album “Composers at the dawn of the 20th century”, by Juliette Hurel and Hélène Couvert. ALPHA CLASSICS / OUTHERE MUSIC

Women (performers) to do justice to other women (creators). The observation is worth more for reading the program than for hearing it. Because listening to these works while trying to perceive the echo of a feminine sensitivity would be as reductive as tendentious. Especially if one thinks that the “strongest” scores in this panorama base their identity on the obvious desire to escape the benchmarks – of language, form and aesthetics. This is the case for Mel Bonis and for Lili Boulanger, whose universes seem to be completely opposite. The first, adept at aerial writing but by no means relaxed, is renewed in lightness while the second, model of concentration of gesture, invests in depth. Alongside these extraordinary expressions, irresistibly served by the beaded flute by Juliette Hurel and by the pull-out piano by Hélène Couvert, the other contributions rather place their merits in the assimilation of classic references (Clémence de Grandval, Cécile Chaminade ) or popular (Augusta Holmès). Pierre Gervasoni

1 CD Alpha Classics / Outhere Music.

  • Laurent Marode
    Starting Soon
Cover for the album “Starting Soon”, by Laurent Marode. BLACK & BLUE / SOCADISC

Pianist, composer, arranger, Laurent Marode had rejoiced with a first album of his nonette, This Way Please, marketed in 2017. Here is the training, with roughly the same team, for a second volume, Starting Soon. And always this joy in collectively carrying music, sophisticated in its arrangements, always endowed with a beautiful melodic legibility. It is a jazz, which although evidently heard from that of the 1950s, in particular that known as “west coast” (Shorty Rogers, Marty Paich, Shelly Manne …), proves to be timeless. Here and there, also passes the dense manner of Charles Mingus (I Will Catch That Train, Broken Mirrors), a desire for rhythms from Latin jazz. This Starting Soon is one of those recordings for which each new listening arouses delighted astonishment, whether by the arrangements or by the solo parties. Sylvain Siclier

1 CD Black & Blue / Socadisc.

Cover for the album “Thin Mind” by Wolf Parade. SUB POP

The international success met in 2005 by the album Funeral, des Canadiens Arcade Fire, gave a salutary spotlight to Montreal’s independent rock scene. Affiliated to this movement, the formidable first album of Wolf Parade, Apologies to the Queen Mary (2005) had nothing to envy Funeral in terms of rock fervor and heightened lyricism. But the tendency of the two singers / multi-instrumentalists, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, to build compositions with convoluted constructions sometimes led them astray (a break was marked from 2011 to 2016). Following the recent departure of guitarist Dante DeCaro, this fifth album sees the formation reconnect with the trio formula of the beginnings. Probably because of this tight configuration, this collection of hybrid songs, at the edge of alternative rock, progressive and new wave pop, is inhabited with invigorating urgency. Particularly on the glowing Static Age and the aptly named Out of Control. Wolf Parade continues to cultivate its captivating singularity. Franck Colombani

1 CD Sub Pop.

  • Andy Shauf
    The Neon Skyline
Cover for Andy Shauf’s album “The Neon Skyline”. ANTI / PIAS

Like Joni Mitchell, Andy Shauf grew up in Saskatchewan. Have the uninhabited vastnesses of this central Canadian state given the icon of folk and its distant descendant this gift so keen on observation, converted into the art of storytelling? Four years later The party, his third solo album, which painted, with a delightful finesse, the portraits of protagonists of a party organized in one of them, the young thirty-something stages, in The Neon Skyline, a narrator drifting in bars in his Toronto neighborhood. Containing introspections, meetings and memories marked by romantic failure with the concision of a short story writer (four pieces of less than 3 minutes and none beyond 3 min 48), his songs once again praise a writing full of empathy, self-mockery and a sense of detail, carried by the delicacy of a timbre and a melodic know-how reminiscent of that of Paul Simon. At the option of ballads coloring their melancholy of decorative touches passing from a night owl groove (Living Room) at the more playful tempos of arrangements before rock (the brass and jazzy woods of Things I Do or delicious Try again), Andy Shauf while elegant intimism delivers a new bedside disc. Stephane Davet

1 CD Anti- / Pias.

  • Maes
    The Last Bastards
Cover for Maes’ “The Last Dastards” album. CAPITOLE / UNIVERSAL MUSIC

For the cover of his second album, the rapper from Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) replayed the Last Supper at the bottom of his city, but all that was obviously not very Catholic. The raps of the young man, even if they are melodious, always tell the story of his past as a small trafficker. We don’t change a formula that works. He was successful with his tribute to a Colombian drug baroness, Madrina, sung in duet with Booba, took very little risk for this rapid return to the bins. It stacked with another collaboration with the Duke of Boulogne for an equally effective white. Ninho and the Marseillais Jul come to extend the list of guests. His fourteen songs always alternate between melancholic song like Memory and raps pissed off like Elvira. A winning formula because we quickly let ourselves be seduced by pieces such as Chromium, Marco Polo or Imperfect. Stéphanie Binet

1 CD Capitole / Universal Music.

  • Half Portion
    The Good School
Cover of the album “La Bonne Ecole”, by Demi Portion. BELIEVE

Demi Portion, whose real name is Rachid Daif, does not want to choose between the old “old-school” rap school and the new one: he claims to be and to represent “the right school”. Raised in Sète in the south of France, Demi Portion is, frankly, torn between the two, having Fabe from Scred Connexion as a mentor and himself highlighting the new generation of rap every year in his festival. This unifying, generous and slightly out-of-date spirit is omnipresent in this album. Our preference goes all the same to his exchanges with Féfé, ex-Saïan Supa Crew who takes him for a World Tour sympathetic, rather than the rather painful and agreed account of the meal of reunion with Grand Corps Malade. Demi Portion is much better by accompanying pianist Sofiane Pamart on My Dico, vol. 5 or by embarking on a spanish trip with the Toulousains Bigflo & Oli. The best is for the end with Rocé and the aptly named lyricists. St. B.

1 Believe CD.

  • Various musicians
    West African Musical Archives. The 1970s in Bouaké
Cover for the album “Musical Archives of West Africa. The 1970s in Bouaké ”, by various musicians. MEG-AIMP / WORLD AND SOUND

Designed from recordings made in the 1970s in Bouaké, the second most populous city in Côte d’Ivoire, by Bernard Mondet, an entomologist who, beyond his research in biology, kept his ear attentive to sounds revolving around him, this album, edited and produced by the Geneva Museum of Ethnography, is savored like a pan-African musical journey. Because in Bouaké, a crossroads city famous for its huge market, the scientist encountered anonymous musicians from all over Côte d’Ivoire but also from neighboring countries. There he met bearers of stories, such as the famous epic of Sunjata Keïta, founder of the Mali Empire in the 13th centurye century, whose djeli (griot) Kangara Cissoko, the only musician named in the libretto, member of a Guinean ballet, performs an extract on the final track of the album. Between the crystalline notes of its kora, the woody melodies of Burkinabé balafons, the captivating liveliness of the Peul flutes Serdu, a song on a bow to mouth, another highlighted with a monotonous fiddle gegeneru, a succession of natural sounds, a kaleidoscope of musical snapshots. Patrick Labesse

1 CD MEG-AIMP / World and Sound.


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