July 2 West Texas Intermediate Oil Opening

At the beginning of the day the Petróleo West Texas Intermediate it is traded at $ 75.21, a slight -0.03% change with the previous session.

Comparing this data with that of past days, it turns around the result of the previous day in which it experienced an increase of 0.67%, showing in recent dates an absence of continuity in the results. In the last week, volatility is clearly lower than that accumulated in the last year, which shows that it is having a more stable behavior than normal in recent days.

In the last seven days, the Petróleo West Texas Intermediate accumulates a rise of 1,57%, so that for a year it still has a rise in the 91,52%.

Finally, this value is close to the one existing on July 1, when it managed to reach highs for the year with a value of $ 75.23.

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