July brings us Time on Frog Island

Time on Frog Island, a castaway game where you have to trade with the green inhabitants of a forgotten island to get home, will arrive on July 12. A physical release will appear three days later.

“It’s been an exciting journey for Time on Frog Island and it won’t be long before fans can visit the island for themselves,” said Associate Product Manager Alexander Hainsworth. “Half Past Yellow’s team has been busy putting the finishing touches to it and we can’t wait for players to experience this wonderfully charming sandbox puzzle adventure game when it comes out in July.”

In Time on Frog Island, your ship is stranded and damaged after a storm. You as a sailor therefore investigate and discover that the only other inhabitants are frogs. You don’t speak their language, but you explain with hands and feet what you need. Unfortunately, here too, however, you do not get anything for nothing and therefore you must act to get your vessel in working condition.

Is this setup or the trailer enough to convince you already? Then it might be an idea to reserve the game. You will then benefit from a 15% discount on PC or even 20% discount on console. The physical version is already available for pre-order on Signature Edition Games.

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