Jumping rope or running: which cardio exercise is more effective

The burn is not that different between them and, in fact, running burns more in sessions that are not so demanding, but with a medium and high intensity the rope is more efficient.

But we must not only talk about calories, but also about fat. Rope helps reduce body fat and the risk of heart problems, but by running in different ways (alternating sprints, long and short runs) you can also burn enough fat. The rope is the winner because it manages to burn more in less time.

What are the benefits?

Running is free


Running is a aerobic activity, making it ideal for the health of the lungs and the heart, in addition to increasing cardiovascular endurance and, according to several studies, reduces the risk of premature mortality by up to 40%. Runners are said to live up to 3 years longer than those who don’t. In addition, exercising outdoors can also improve your mental health. And sprints also help strengthen your lower body.

The advantages of jumping rope are that, plus it has the same benefits for the heart and lungs, but you don’t need a lot of space to do it and you don’t need a treadmill. The rope also helps work the upper body and strengthen the core, as you develop more coordination, speed and rhythm.

What muscles do you use?

Jump rope and run involve the muscles of the lower body, core and hip. Running uses the hip extensors and jumping rope uses the abductors, in addition to the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and forearms, but running also involves the arms to balance when moving the legs.

Also, depending on the speed and intensity, both have a similar impact on the body, and both can be used as both aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

The risks

According to experts, people with knee, ankle and hip injuries or problems should not run or jump rope (Although it is less rough with your joints), the advantage is that there are alternatives for running, such as doing it in the water or with a “gravity-reducing” treadmill, and for the rope you can add a trampoline so that you do not fall on the hard ground .

Which is better?

Both exercises work, but if you’re short on time, then jumping rope is a smarter option.

If you have enough time and space, and your goal is to be a better runner, then you definitely have to run regularly, and you can always use the rope to supplement on those days when you’re not going to run.