Jungfrau Zeitung – Cybercriminals (Part 8) – Prevention is better than cure

Cyber ​​Security Column | 28. November 2022

At this point, the last few weeks have been about cybercriminals who encrypt your data and demand a ransom. Today you will learn what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

They’ve been doing it for a long time. Probably even every day. You behave in such a way that nothing happens to you. At work, at home, but also on the road. This includes only driving a roadworthy motor vehicle and only crossing the intersection when the traffic light is green. And also that you keep an eye on your surroundings in order to be aware of dangers from others at an early stage and to be able to avoid them. But this also means that you have probably put on your seat belt thousands of times, even though you may never have needed it. And it’s also part of having a first-aid kit with you just in case, and also knowing the emergency number. And of course you get a replacement vehicle from your insurance company while the accident car is being repaired.

It is a mystery to me why so many private individuals and above all entrepreneurs in the digital space do without all this. Of course, there are also equivalents to the above measures when using the Internet.

Only use roadworthy devices whose software is up to date thanks to updates. Use services that monitor the devices in your network and recognize early on whether a computer is suddenly behaving differently than it should. Just as you blink to be on the safe side despite having the right of way in the side street, whether the other is also paying attention to it – just to be sure. Your seat belt is an antivirus on every machine. It doesn’t help against all incidents, but against many. And it minimizes consequential damage. Last but not least, there is no hotline for experts, basically the 118 for the network, if something does happen. Because an emergency doctor or the fire brigade is more likely to save you if there’s a crash than a layman. And instead of renting a car, a backup & recovery solution helps in the event of ransomware attacks against operational downtime.

By the way: what you call prudent and reasonable behavior on the road means for the data highway CyberProtectShield® from BORTOLI. This is your seat belt, including traffic monitoring, expert contact and a second car for cyber emergencies.

Find out how to defend against ransomware attacks and how best to react when they do happen in the next issue.

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