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commercial register | July 21, 2021

Bernese Oberland new entries, changes and deletions from July 20, 2021.

from Weissenfluh, in Meiringen, CHE-328.396.700, sole proprietorship (SHAB No. 215 dated November 4, 2016, publ. 3144487). The sole proprietorship has ceased to exist as a result of business closure.

Gastro Jungfrau AG, in Gsteigwiler, CHE-313.652.981, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB No. 219 of November 10, 2020, publ. 1005018980). Retired persons and expired signatures: Gerber, Maryna, von Burgdorf, in Burgdorf, member of the board of directors, with individual signature. Peoples registration new or modified: Tretyakov, German, Russian citizen, in Perm (RU), member of the board of directors, with individual signature [bisher: Präsident des Verwaltungsrates, mit Einzelunterschrift].

F. & H. Engel AG, Bönigen b. Interlaken, in Bönigen, CHE-148.859.464, Swiss branch (SHAB No. 223 of November 18, 2014, p.0, publ. 1828939), head office in: Biel / Bienne. New company: Engel AG Biel / Bienne, Zweigniederlassung Bönigen b. Interlaken. New identification number for headquarters: CHE-114.958.878 [bisher: Identifikationsnummer Hauptsitz: CHE-105.936.406]. New company legal seat: Engel AG Biel / Bienne [bisher: Firma Hauptsitz: F. & H. Engel AG]. Qualified facts Headquarters new: As a result of the merger of the company of the headquarters with FDE Holding AG (renamed Engel AG Biel / Bienne), in Biel / Bienne (CHE-114.958.878), the branch becomes a branch of Engel in accordance with Art. 112 HRegV AG Biel / Bienne continued.

Mountain Holding GmbH, in Aeschi bei Spiez, CHE-390.949.517, company with limited liability (SHAB No. 56 of 23.03.2015, p.0, publ. 2056189). Retired persons and expired signatures: Wyssen, Samuel Peter, von Frutigen, in Frutigen, partners and managing directors, with two joint signatures, with 5 ordinary shares of CHF 1,000.00 each. Registered persons new or changed: Wyssen-Germann, Marlise, von Frutigen, in Frutigen, partner, without signing authority, with 5 ordinary shares at CHF 1,000.00 each.

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Marti AG Bern, Moosseedorf, in Frutigen, CHE-146.874.487, Swiss branch (SHAB No. 42 of 02.03.2021, Publ. 1005113056), headquarters in: Moosseedorf. Retired persons and expired signatures: Schmid, Peter, von Frutigen, in Frutigen, branch manager, with individual power of attorney. Peoples registration new or changed: Leuenberger, Jürg, von Wynigen, in Spiez, with single procuration.

Restaurant Pizzeria Kreuz Inh. By Carvalho Afonso, in Spiez, CHE-497.869.245, Thunstrasse 84, 3700 Spiez, sole proprietorship (new registration). Purpose: Running a restaurant and providing other catering services. Registered persons: De Carvalho Afonso, Paulo Alexandre, Portuguese citizen, in Thun, owner, with individual signature.

Bellevue & Alplodge AG, in Interlaken, CHE-229.690.544, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB No. 112 from June 15, 2015, page 0, publ. 2206757). Retired persons and expired signatures: ARBA Treuhand AG (CHE-106.212.452), in Muri near Bern, auditors. Peoples registration new or changed: Dübendorfer, Thomas Friedrich, von Bassersdorf, in Interlaken, President of the Board of Directors, with individual signature [bisher: Präsident, mit Einzelunterschrift]; Dübendorfer, Regula Kathrin, von Bassersdorf, in Interlaken, member of the board of directors, with individual signature [bisher: Mitglied, mit Einzelunterschrift]; intertreuhand.gf ag (CHE-108.029.864), in Interlaken, auditor.

Bäckerei Confiserie Galli AG, in Steffisburg, CHE-114.972.619, Aktiengesellschaft (SHAB No. 241 of 12.12.2019, publ. 1004781312). Amendment to the Articles of Association: July 13th, 2021. New legal seat: Thun. New domicile: Frutigenstrasse 13, 3600 Thun. Qualified facts new: [Die Bestimmung über die Sacheinlage bei der Gründung ist aus den Statuten gestrichen worden.] [gestrichen: Sacheinlage: Die Gesellschaft übernimmt bei der Gründung gemäss Vertrag vom 24.06.2009 und Inventar per 31.12.2008 Aktiven von CHF 1’934’255.10 und Passiven (Fremdkapital) von CHF 1’834’255.10 des Einzelunternehmens Peter Galli, in Steffisburg (CH-, wofür 100 voll liberierte Namenaktien zu CHF 1’000.– ausgegeben werden.]

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Scholarship Fund of the City of Thun, in Thun, CHE-110.389.786, Foundation (SHAB No. 70 of April 13, 2021, publ. 1005147521). Registered persons new or changed: Grimm, Julian Till, from Langnau im Emmental, in Thun, member of the board of trustees, without signing authority.


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