Jungfrau Zeitung – More money for infrastructure

Autoverlad | 4. June 2022

The Federal Council wants to increase the loan by CHF 40 million to CHF 100 million in favor of the Lötschberg, Furka and Vereina car transport offers. He explains that there are major renovations to the systems and trains.

Cars drive onto the Lötschberg car transport at the Kandersteg train station.Photo: Keystone, Christian Beutler

Since 1985, car transport has been subsidized with earmarked road funds. In addition to the annual compensation, Parliament approved a commitment credit of CHF 60 million for investments that will run from 2019. The Federal Council now wants to increase this to CHF 100 million.

The Federal Council submitted the increase in credit for consultation on Friday through September 30th. The money is intended for roadside infrastructure of the facilities. The railway infrastructure is to continue to be financed from earmarked road funds.

The Federal Council is also proposing that the federal government no longer directly finance the rolling stock for car trains. There will now be external financing, as is the case with regional passenger transport. If uncovered costs are to be expected, the federal government can provide compensation.

The Federal Council writes that the connections by car train are important for the accessibility of the affected regions. The car trains also help to avoid long detours and passes. Therefore, the Federal Council wants to continue to support the car transport.

Low demand and high costs – Oberalp is discontinued

There are a total of five car loading services in Switzerland. According to the Federal Office of Transport (BAV), loading through the Simplon tunnel is ordered and financed by the canton of Valais. As decided in 2021, the car transport on the Oberalp is to be discontinued in the coming year.

According to the BAV, the reasons are low demand and high costs. As an alternative, there is a year-round open road connection via the Lukmanier Pass, and the range of rail services on the Oberalp Pass is being expanded.