Jungfrau Zeitung – More rooms for students

Provisional high schools | 16. September 2022

The Canton of Bern wants to run a temporary high school in the middle part of the Könizer business park in Liebefeld for ten to fifteen years. Classes from the cantonal grammar schools in Neufeld, Kirchenfeld, Lerbermatt (Köniz) and Hofwil (Münchenbuchsee) could be taught there.

The planning application has been submitted to the municipality of Köniz.Photo: Bruno Stüdle

The planning application for the adjustments required for the lessons will be publicly available in the municipality of Köniz by mid-October. This emerges from a publication in the Bern Region indicator. As the cantonal building and traffic directorate (BVD) announced on Thursday on request, the canton wants to rent the premises. The BVD has not yet announced how much money he wants to invest. The amount will be communicated as soon as the cantonal government has passed the loan request to the Grand Council.

As the reason for the plans in Liebefeld, the BVD gives the demographic development, i.e. an increase in the number of students. In this regard, the cantonal government wrote in June in response to a proposal by the Grand Council that an increase of at least 21 classes must be expected in secondary schools by 2025/26.

“Already today, the areas of all grammar schools are as compact as possible. School operations can no longer be guaranteed without additional space,” said the cantonal government. In this reply, the government council announced that it would probably submit a loan for renting premises to the Grand Council in the spring session of 2023. This must be easily accessible from the three large high schools in the city of Bern.

Up to 1,200 employees of the telecommunications company Swisscom were employed in the Köniz business park until 2021. This company announced in early 2020 that it would employ these people at other locations from autumn 2020. Liebefeld belongs to the municipality of Köniz.

Provisional also in Stettlen

Renovations and expansions are also planned at the Neufeld and Kirchenfeld grammar schools in Bern. The canton of Bern is therefore planning to set up a temporary school on the former Bernapark industrial site in Stettlen. In addition to the two middle schools, it will also house the School of Design in Bern for a while. The plans for this temporary school were made public at the end of 2021/beginning of 2022.