Jungfrau Zeitung – Municipal council wants to owe 29 million francs

Grindelwald | 22. September 2022

He dealt intensively with the financial planning for the next five years. The pent-up demand for investments is great.

The municipal council has also approved various loans.Photo: zvg

Nevertheless, the municipal council is aware that not everything can be made up for in the planning years, he writes in a recent statement. In the spring of 2023, the municipal council will intensively deal with the financial planning for the coming years on the occasion of a retreat. With the planned investments, the municipality would incur new debt of around CHF 29 million in the planning period.

Approval of various credits and contributions

The Jungfrau Marathon has been held very successfully in the Jungfrau Region for almost 30 years. So far, the communities along the running route have supported the event financially. The Jungfrau-Marathon association is now reaching out to all the communities in the Jungfrau region with a request for support. The Economics and Agriculture Commission treated this request in a favorable manner. Grindelwald will support the event from 2023 to 2027 with a contribution of CHF 1.50 per inhabitant.

The municipal council has approved an investment loan of CHF 52,000 for the conversion of the bus stop at Hotel Fiescherblick. The Civil Engineering, Water and Disposal Commission decided to use concrete for the surface of the bus stop.

In connection with the flood protection project of the threshold corporation at Boimengräbli, the culvert at Baumenstrasse has to be replaced. As early as December 2020, the municipal council approved a loan of CHF 30,000 for this passage. A 145 meter section of road in the area of ​​this culvert is in poor condition and is also to be renovated in connection with the project. In this regard, the municipal council has approved an additional loan of CHF 40,000.

Wandering Grindelwald

Two applications were received for the advertised position for the forester of the newly founded Grindelwald district forest. The municipal council opted for Beat Hofer’s local application. The father of two lives in Grindelwald and was previously employed as a company forester and self-employed as a mountain guide. Beat Hofer will take up his new position in mid-October.

In addition, the municipal council elected the representatives of the seven mountain communities and the threshold corporation as new members of the forest commission:

  • Bergschaft Bach: Christian Schlunegger
  • Bussalp mountain community: Moser Ruedi Moser
  • Mountain community Grindel: Ueli Teutschmann
  • Bergschaft Holzmatten: Egger Peter
  • Bergschaft Itramen: Walter Gertsch
  • Bergschaft Scheidegg: Peter Wyss
  • Bergschaft Wärgistal: Andreas Kaufmann
  • Emerging corporation: Urs Moser

Nils Buri, head of the department for agriculture and economics, will assume the presidency of the commission.