Jungfrau Zeitung – New bench in the bay

Spiez | 15. November 2022

“Arrive, sit down, rest!”, Spiez Marketing AG announces in a message to the round bench, which now invites you to linger and rest. She was born on 11.11. inaugurated at 11.11 a.m. in a small setting.

The project partners on the new bench (from left to right): Ueli Häusler (creator and Spiez Zügli driver), Toni and Luis Duarte (employees at the municipal works depot), Marlies Toneatti and Martin Krähenbühl (both board members of Spiez Tourismus), Manuel Fischer (Spiez Marketing AG) .Photos: zvg

“Fortunately, since last December, the Postbus has been running from the train station to the bay all day and all year round. The passenger volume is even higher than expected. However, there was a lack of a friendly bench at the stop at the turning point, »the message continues.

As is well known, the Spiezer Zügli also stops there. Because the ships always arrive on the half hour and the bus doesn’t leave until five o’clock, the need for a place to sit has been accentuated. From now on, visitors can sit comfortably with an ice cream and enjoy the view of palm trees and snow-capped mountains.

idea from the public

Based on the idea of ​​a Spiez Zügli driver, Spiez Marketing AG, in cooperation with the municipality of Spiez, has had a beautiful bench made. The 360° bench around the big tree is made of Swiss wood and was installed by the local entrepreneur Baumberger from Wimmis with employees from the Spiez workshop. The costs are shared between Spiez Marketing AG, the municipality of Spiez and the Spiez Tourismus association.

The new bench in its place in Spiez Bay.

The new bench in its place in Spiez Bay.

Idea generator Ueli Häusler: “The beautiful bench is already being used a lot”. Manuel Fischer from Spiez Marketing AG explains: “This small project is an example of how, thanks to good cooperation, a meaningful result can be achieved for locals and guests in a short time.”