Jungfrau Zeitung – New chapter of the regional development strategy

Regional conference Oberland-Ost | July 2, 2022

The support programs within the framework of the new regional policy regularly bring important impetus to the Oberland-Ost region. With a view to the next programming period, the regional development strategy needs to be revised. The regional assembly in Grindelwald approved the necessary funds.

In the past, the Oberland-Ost regional conference was able to support various projects, including the themed trails in Guttannen and Beatenberg.Photo: Pixabay

The Confederation, together with the cantons, provides funding for regional development projects via the Federal Law on New Regional Policy (NRP). This is what the regional conference Oberland Ost writes in a current statement. In the Oberland-Ost region, various important projects have been funded with this instrument in recent years. This includes, for example, the development and implementation of themed trails in Guttannen and Beatenberg, the comprehensive basic clarifications for the introduction of a digital guest card for the entire region, the further development of the Tellspiele association (theater and infrastructure), but also the ice rink roofing in Mürren. Depending on the funding content, contributions or loans are possible as start-up aid, but no operating contributions can be granted.

The funding programs are developed at regional level. In the Oberland-Ost region, the regional conference is responsible for this. The federal government defines the requirements in so-called multi-year programs. From 2024, the NRP will enter the third program period. In view of this, the regions must now prepare their regional development strategies and funding programmes. The Oberland-Ost region calls in external support for this process. The regional assembly meeting in Grindelwald approved the necessary credit.

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Additional funds for wood yards

The regional assembly has also approved additional funds for supplementing the regional building regulations on the subject of wood storage areas. The purpose of the planning instrument is to plan and secure suitable large wood storage areas. At the appropriate locations, storm wood that accumulates during strong wind events should be able to be stored wet for several years. With the additional credit, regionally important wood chip storage sites outside the forest are also recorded. This is intended to ensure the supply of large wood district heating systems in the region with high-quality wood chips.

A change in the business regulations of the regional conference is intended to allow more flexibility in the composition of the regional expert commissions in the future. The previous regulation had meant that certain specialist topics were often occupied by the same sub-regions. The creation of an additional commission seat ex officio ensures that the member of management responsible for the respective department is represented on the commission, while the previous sub-region representations in commissions and management are still possible. Christian Krump, Innertkichen municipal councillor, was elected as a new member of the Transport and Settlement Commission.